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VITA Easyshade 5 New digital Dental Tooth Shade Reader System, 1 Year Warranty, Free Shipping from California.

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END Problems of Crown/Tooth shades mismatch.

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VITA Easyshade 5 New digital Dental Tooth Shade Reader System.

End the problems of Tooth shade mismatch with patients and lab technicians for ever!

VITA Easyshade® VShade Measurement Simplified 


Building on the popular VITA Easyshade digital shade matching system, the new fifth generation of the VITA Easyshade is even more innovative and precise, offering new applications for everyday use.To start, a new ergonomic design and user-oriented operating concept is enhanced by an intuitive touch-screen and color LED display.The durable and long-lasting battery can be charged wirelessly through an inductive charging base.The VITA Easyshade V gives both dentists and technicians complete shade control, from the determination of tooth shade to the final restoration.This new generation of VITA Easyshade verifies fabricated restorations as early as after initial firing, and provides tips on possible optimization measures for achieving the target tooth shade. VITA Easyshade V supports the planning process for professional tooth bleaching through digital documentation of the current and planned tooth shade during the tooth-bleaching process.The innovative software allows you to instantly prescribe VITA classical A1-D4 and VITA 3D-MASTER® shades at the push of a button.The VITA Assist software (AndroidTM App coming soon) allows for the combination of Easyshade V shade data via Bluetooth with a patient photo for better shade communication between dentist and technician. *  another quality product of Germany *


Areas of application:

  1. Basic shade determination for the selection of CAD/CAM materials
  2. Basic shade determination for the selection of materials for direct fi llings
  3. Basic shade determination for the selection of prosthetic teeth
  4. Tooth-area shade determination for the fabrication of layered ceramic restorations
  5. Tooth shade determination for use in bleaching
  6. Shade determination for restorations even during fabrication of restorations
  7. Quality control through comparison of fabricated ceramic restorations with regard to planned and actual results
  8. Intraoral shade determination of existing ceramic restorations
  9. Extraoral shade determination of existing ceramic restorations      

the new VITA Easyshade V, high-precision VITA vEye technology ensures that the digital focus remains squarely on tooth-shade determination and communication. The user-oriented operating concept is rounded off perfectly by a brilliant color OLED touch display that is both convenient and intuitive. The durable and long-lasting battery technology with integrated self-discharge protection ensures particularly stable operation when in continuous use. The innovative software concept in combination with the VITA vBrain neural network guarantees exact tooth-shade determination in accordance with the internationally established shade systems VITA classical A1-D4, VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER and VITABLOCS, as well as the bleached shades defined by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Thanks to a complete redesign, VITA Easyshade® V has a truly striking appearance. The seamless casing, layered structure of the internal components as well as the shortened measurement tip ensure maximum ergonomics that fit naturally in your hand.

Equipped with the latest 32-bit micro-controller with an ARM Cortex M3 core, the new, 5th generation VITA Easyshade is not only faster, it also offers new applications to support daily practice routine:

  • Determine your patients’ tooth shade for selecting CAD/CAM materials, fabricating layered crowns, selecting prosthetic teeth, choosing the materials for direct fillings, and planning esthetic corrections using veneers.
  • Support the planning process for professional tooth bleaching through digital documentation
  • Make the most of the variety of options for sustained optimization of your quality assurance system
  • Make your daily routine easier when fabricating layered restorations using the application for displaying the shade gradient of the patient tooth shade from the incisal to the cervical region.
  • Verify your fabricated restorations as early as after initial firing



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