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Sybron Endo Elements Motor, 8:1 Hand piece; Reciprocating TF Adaptive Files, 1 Year Warranty and More. Free Shipping From CA to 50 States.

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Elements Adaptive Motor and Handpiece – Kerr Endodontics


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Sybron Endo Elements Motor 1 Year Warranty, 8:1 Hand piece; Reciprocating TF Adaptive Files, Reciprocating endodontic files.

I send every motor before listing, to the manufacturer to test and renew warranty to make sure nothing happens after sale; so you can buy with confidence.



Elements Adaptive Motor and Handpiece – Kerr Endodontics


Motor and NiTi File System

 Adaptive features Adaptive Motion Technology, which uses a patented feedback algorithm to change the motion of the file based on the applied load. As the stress increases or decreases, the motor responds accordingly, giving you the benefits of both rotary and reciprocation at exactly the right moment.

Adaptive Motion. The Elements Motor adapts the motion based on the amount of pressure on the file. It may or may not reciprocate and does not pull into the canal. Reciprocating angles may vary: No load 600° forward and 0° backwards, loaded 370° forward and up to 50° backwards, based on file load.

Endodontic Adaptive Motor and Handpiece. Used with TF Adaptive Files to safely and accurately clean and shape root canals. Programmed for use with other SybronEndo NiTi Files and the M4 Safety Handpiece. Contains: Motor Console Motor Handpiece Foot Pedal 8:1 Push Button Contra Angle Power Cords. Adaptive Motion Technology uses an algorithm to combine rotary motion activated when the TF Adaptive File is under no load with a reciprocating motion activated when load is applied. Manufacturer Code: 815-1500 Brand: Elements Component(s): Complete system Speed range: Adaptive motion Type: 8:1 push button contra angle.

6 Presets. This motor provides recommended settings for TF Adaptive, K3/K3XF, TF, Lightspeed, M4 and custom settings; it’s programable to operate other NiTi file systems like: ProTaper, ProGlider, Vortex, Path files and others.

It offers improved file durability, flexibility and better debris removal. The intuitive system is designed for efficiency and ease of use.

100% Authentic & Genuine

You Are Buying:

1 Elements Adaptive Motor Kerr Endodontics, With 1 year Warranty,

 Brand NEW 8:1 KERR / or Anthogyr Hand piece Contra Angle, 

16 TF Adaptive Files; no more TF old classic files are available anymore[in dark packs in photos] Only TF Adaptive[light color packs are available].

2 Packs Canal Orifice Opening NiTi files[SX] 

3 Packs Paper Points size 25/ taper 0.06

2 Tubes 30 gm Sybronendo “Sealapex” Root Canal Sealer. And,

3 Packs Gutta Percha Points Size [Red 25/ Taper 0.06 ; only Red are available now] 

The contents of this lot retail for more than $4800!!!!

Product Details:

 8:1 Push-Button Handpiece is an endodontic contra angle handpiece featuring a small head for better visibility and easier posterior access, stainless steel for long-lasting durability and ball bearings for higher transmission efficiency.

Push-button file connection

Stainless steel for long-lasting durability

KaVo Hand Piece [made in Germany] or Anthogyr HP [made in France]

Motor connection ISO 3964 (E-type)


Manufacturer Name: Kerr Endodontics

Brand: Elements™

Application: Endodontic

Material: Stainless Steel

Package Quantity: 1/Pkg

Color: Silver

Autochuck Type: Push Button

Chuck Type: Autochuck

Shape: 20° Angle

Compatible Coupler Type: ISO 3694, E-Type

Power Type: Electric

Control. Simplicity. Peace of mind.

6 Presets. This motor provides recommended settings for TF Adaptive, K3/K3XF, TF, Lightspeed, M4 and custom settings.

Fully Autoclavable.

Motor/Cable. Easily detaches from the console.

Intuitive User Interface. With an easy to read LCD screen, the Elements Motor is easy to learn how to use.

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