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Soft-Core Endodontic Obturator Oven 3 months warranty + WaveOne Gold Files; GuttaCore Obturators

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Tightly Curved Calcific Canals.

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Soft-Core Endodontic Obturator Oven + WaveOne Gold Files; GuttaCore endodontic Obturators.

Fill ALL Tightly Curved Canals by this system! Check Finished cases with this system in this link:

Never Used Sybron Endo Obturator Dental Endodontic Oven, for Root Canal Treatment. Heavy Duty Oven for all kinds and brands of heated endodontic gutta percha obturators.

3 M Warranty.
6 WaveOneGold files Primary/Red.
18 GuttaCore Obturators.

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