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Dentsply Endodontic Motor with 1Year Warranty AEU-25 Dentsply Dental Endodontic Motor, 8:1 HAND PIECE, FILES n More

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Dentsply Endodontic Motor

I send every motor before listing, to the manufacturer to test and renew warranty to make sure nothing happens after sale; so you can buy with confidence.


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Dentsply Aseptico AEU-25 Dentsply Dental Endodontic Motor, 8:1 HAND PIECE, with One Year Warranty, lightly used few times with little marks of wear, with Hand Piece. You will receive one of the 2 colors showing in photos; Dark Blue or Light Blue unit.

Check Finished cases with this system in this link:

Tightly Curved Calcific Canals.

Aseptico endo motor. In excellent working and cosmetic conditions. Lightly used with Little marks of wear, with Hand Piece; you will receive one of the different models of hand pieces shown in photos, depending on availability at the time of purchase. Absorbent PP x 3 packs size 25,40/.06 taper. Motor presets for Protaper rotary series, but can be adjusted and reprogrammed.

These items retail for more than $2500

6 Presets. This motor provides recommended settings; it’s programable to operate many NiTi file systems like: ProTaper, ProGlider, Vortex, Path files and others.

Included: Main unit console, Foot Pedal Control, power cord, endo motor, hand piece cradle rest.

**[Brand New] Reciprocating Push Button Hand Piece Ultradent Endo-Eze [ Made in Germany] Fits ONLY ROTARY FILES NOT HAND FILES. ** OR 8:1 Anthogyr Endo Hand Piece Latch[France]; depending on Availability.

Gutta Percha Points x 3 packs size 25/.06 taper. for canals finished by F2 ProTaper rotary files.

2 Packs ProTaper XS for Calcified Orifice Opening and enlargement.

3 Packs ProTaper files sizes SX-F3.

1 Pack ProTaper Gold files sizes SX-F3.

3 Packs hand K files size 06 for Calcified Canals.

1 Pack hand K files size 08.

1 Plastic Finger mm endo measuring ruler with 2 rings and one sponge wedge.

1 Hand piece/motor cradle stand.

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