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ProTaper Gold SX 19mm 12 Files for Calcific Curved Canals U.S.

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2 Packs of ProTaper Gold Endodontic Files Size SX 19mm. Total 12 files.

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I use this great product myself in finding, Opening, widening coronal part of calcified canals and straightening tightly curved canals. Check my cases in my x-ray gallery on my site; socal-rootcanal.com


Amazingly, no matter how much stresses or pressure you put on them, they do not separate like the older classic SX that reached its fatigue limit so fast, and I had to struggle with removing the detached part in canals, which wasted valuable time!! I personally use this file up to 3 times due to its amazingly high fracture resistance!! Even if it reaches fatigue limit, it distorts/unwinds before it separates; so you’ll know it’s time to discard it. Once you try it once, you will love it in finishing molar RCT!!! Keep canals lubricated/flooded with EDTA paste/cream and irrigant ALL THE TIME WHEN USING THIS FILE, AND KEEP WIPING THIS FILE SUPER CLEAN AFTER EACH STROKE. DON’T EXCEED 150/150 FOR RPM/TORQUE if you do this, it will NOT SEPARATE.

if you find out that my description is untrue, send your order back for full refund.


Ehab Ismail, DDS.

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Ehab Ismail, DDS  

Hawthorne, California.

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