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Dentsply Endodontic Obturator Oven, Dentsply ProTaper Endodontic Obturator Oven, 90 Days Warranty WaveOne Gold AND GuttaCore Obturators

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Dentsply Endodontic Obturator Oven, WaveOne Gold files AND GuttaCore Obturators.

Fill ALL Tightly Curved Canals by this system! Check Finished cases with this system in this link:

Lightly Used Dentsply Dental Endodontic Obturation Oven, for Root Canal Treatment. Heavy Duty Oven for all kinds and brands of heated endodontic gutta percha obturators. The oven you will receive may be anyone of the different models shown in the pictures; they are all similar and deliver the similar results; only the front label is different.

90 Days Warranty. You will get also:
6 WaveOneGold files Primary/Red.
18 GuttaCore Obturators.
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    Ehab Ismail, DDS  

    Hawthorne, California.

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    Ehab Ismail Dentistry.

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