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6 M Warranty Latch Head Anthogyr 8:1 Endo Dental Root Canal Hand Piece

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This hand piece has the tiniest head in the dental industry, yet most durable and highest performance. I personally use 7 of them in my busy endodontic schedule, and never needed any maintenance or repair as long as I oil them after each use!! The only competitor is W&H 8:1 which has a bulky huge head making it useless in the molar area! I had to switch all my W&H HP to this smaller head one at the beginning of my Endo practice years ago; when I realized the great benefit of this one. I’m still surprised how the French could make a latch head without sacrificing the tiny size of the micro head!!

Markings on the side may read: “Anthogyr” , “Sybron Endo” or “MiCRO NiTi”

This endo hand piece retails for $700 with SnH.

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